Summer Seminar Series

Couldn’t make it to one of our Summer Seminars? Don’t worry you can watch them below.


Exploring IISD – Experimental Lakes Area and Climate Change in the Boreal Region

Savana Theodore–Maraj IISD – Experimental Lakes Area

This presentation will look at what the Experimental Lakes Area is and why we are here. We will also look at a couple of experiments and research that has been done as well as how climate change has an affect on the Boreal Region.

The History of the Lake of the Woods Fish Fry

Join Braden Murray from The Muse Kenora as he walks through the History of the tradition of Fish Fry’s on Lake of the Woods.

Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation

Join Todd Sellar and Kelli Saunders for an interesting session on the health of Lake of the Woods.

Hal’s Jigs

Watch on as Bruce Berringer provides an entertaining and informative Jig Making Demonstration from his workshop.

Limnology - Study of Lakes

Join Ryan Haines, a Conservation Biologist, as he discusses why anglers should be interested in the study of lakes and how it can help them catch more fish.

Fishing for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass Seminar

Join Jamie Bruce a seasoned Bass Fisherman as he shares his best tips and tricks for anglers hoping for successful Bass Fishing.


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