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Timothy Warner: A discussion of the SNNF Trail Networks

September 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm

Planning an outdoor trail adventure: New technology has opened a path for new trails, improvements, and planning your next adventure. The SNNF Trail Development Coordinator will help you plan for a fun, memorable outdoor experience while giving you plenty of local options. Includes videos of trail improvements, maps, and handouts. Bring your smartphone!

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Home to one of the world’s only
informative dedications to the spellbinding
history of fishing in Northern Ontario.

Northern Ontario
Sportfishing Centre

5714 Highway 71
Downtown Sioux Narrows
Ontario, Canada

(807) 226-5293

Township of Sioux Narrows-
Nestor Falls

5521 Highway 71
Downtown Sioux Narrows
Ontario, Canada

(807) 226-5241