The Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre is located at 5714 Highway 71, right in Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada.

In early 2011, the construction of a brand new, state of the art facility intrigued almost everyone in the town of Sioux Narrows, Ontario. The rumour mill grew as people speculated what would fill the space within the remarkable architectural structure that sat smack dab in the heart of town. Barely anyone guessed, however, that the town would now be home to one of the world’s only informative dedications to the spellbinding history of fishing in Northern Ontario.

Located on the shore of the iconic Lake of the Woods, the Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre (NOSFC) officially opened its doors on June 21st, 2012 after the idea was originally conceived by city planner, Jeffrey Port and quickly received rousing support from the rest of the town council. The idea of a brand new attraction in town also drew in endless support from the community, who stepped up to the plate and generously donated their time and treasured stories to ensure that the centre had an outstanding inventory of local heritage.

Illuminated by natural light that streams in from the floor to ceiling windows, the centre is home to fascinating exhibits featuring antique fishing equipment generously donated along with nostalgic sentiment by some of the town’s oldest local residents. Some of these donations include a collection of vintage motors, an original Haas boat and an old Boston Whaler that are all accompanied by their own individual histories. This charming glimpse into past fishing techniques is sure to install a sense of wonder and amazement in any observer.

The NOSFC is a huge support of local artists and offers paintings done by one of Sioux Narrow’s most talented residents for sale as well as prominently exhibits three stunning totem poles carved by local entrepreneurs Jake and Eli Blosser. These totem poles are considered one of the Centre’s most brilliant attributes as they are adorned with painted white pine carvings of familiar animals and beautiful nature and offer a cozy feel to the centre’s welcoming foyer.

Also, featured among the exhibits of art and antiquities is a freshwater fish aquarium which was procured by a local 11 year old girl by the name of Riah Motlong. Riah loved the idea of the Sportfishing centre and was inspired to set a goal to have a live aquarium functioning in the centre for its second year of operation. She took initiative and raised over 400 dollars to meet her commitment and install the beautiful tank that houses indigenous freshwater species that Riah caught herself.

Visitors from all over the world that have already come to experience Northern Ontario’s unique beauty for themselves have contributed to the wildly successful few years this beautiful facility has had. With continuous community outreach and thoughtful donations of more and more local treasures, the NOSFC is not just a sport fisherman’s dream playground, old or young, who loves fishing as much as we do. Whether your are in town for an hour or a summer, make sure to come in and experience the NOSFC for yourself.


Home to one of the world’s only
informative dedications to the spellbinding
history of fishing in Northern Ontario.

Northern Ontario
Sportfishing Centre

5714 Highway 71
Downtown Sioux Narrows
Ontario, Canada

(807) 226-5293

Township of Sioux Narrows-
Nestor Falls

5521 Highway 71
Downtown Sioux Narrows
Ontario, Canada

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